Are Past Life Vows Affecting Your Current Life?

The Polynesian Kahunas believe we consist of three components, the low, middle, and high self. You know them as the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious. Each of these elements have specific responsibilities and, sometimes, the agendas conflict with each other.

One of the responsibilities of the subconscious is to retain memories, both from this and prior lives. Sometimes we make commitments in past lives, and those commitments are inaccessible consciously. Yet the subconscious remembers. We may have been a nun and taken a chastity vow. This might result in intimacy issues in our current life because the subconscious upholds the vows while the conscious desires partnership. Or we may have vowed never to speak our truth as we are tortured during the Inquisition. This may cause stage fright in this life time. Other common vows include separation, poverty, silence, retribution, suffering, obedience, and sacrifice.

Although vows might be pertinent to past experiences, they probably are not currently applicable. But the subconscious memory supports the vows which, naturally, causes conflict. You might wonder why our "all-knowing" superconscious does not intervene. The superconscious is our "parent" that is bound by the law of free choice. It cannot intervene unless we ask. Like any parent, it helps us learn by allowing us to experience the outcomes of our actions. Once we attain awareness and ask for intervention, the superconscious can assist. When asking the superconscious for assistance, it is necessary to offer vital force in conjunction with our request. The superconscious is located outside our body, and it needs energy to help on the physical plane.

Ensure you are free of past life vows by releasing them. Here is a simple technique for removing vows:

  • Gain the attention of your subconscious by interfering with one of the automatic body functions it manages, your thymus gland. Tap the gland 10 times (located on your chest below your collar bone).
  • Hold your hands in front of you, palms facing each other. Instruct your subconscious to collect and retain a surcharge of vital force between your palms.
  • Create vital force by taking 6 breaths, inhaling to the count of 10, holding for the count of 10, and breathing out to the count of 10. Feel the vital force build between your palms.
  • Instruct your subconscious to release the surcharge of vital force to your superconscious. Tell the superconscious it is to use the energy to complete the following request.
  • (SAY ALOUD:) "I wish to disavow all vows or agreements I have ever made that are conflicting with my highest good, in all concepts of time, on all dimensional levels. These vows include those made to either positive or negative beings if they no longer serve any purpose or interfere with my optimal life experience. Use this vital force to assist me in disavowing these vows so they are no longer a restriction on me. Lift and eliminate all restrictions NOW so I can align with my highest path and purpose. Thank you."

Enjoy the freedom you feel as you unload baggage you no longer need to carry!

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