Attaining Bliss

Bliss is a state of being when time ceases to exist; the senses absorb maximum pleasure, and elation characterizes one's outlook. In other words, bliss is being high on life. In order to experience bliss, you must hold a firm conviction it exists. As easy as this sounds, most people are not completely convinced about bliss. The mass consciousness feeds this lack of optimism by convincing us "pain is gain" or "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." We may also have learned to feel guilt when we allow ourselves pleasure.

In order to attain bliss in your life, you must wholeheartedly believe it is possible! When I teach my "Blissful Living" class, I "measure" how much each student believes bliss exists by using kinesiology. Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is used by chiropractors to determine if a bone is mis-aligned. When we resonate or are aligned, the muscle is strong. When we do not resonate or are out of alignment, the muscle is weak. We can measure our subconscious programming via this technique. All of my students strongly desire bliss. Yet they are less than 40% sure bliss exists. Many are only about 25% sure. How can you experience bliss if you only partially believe in it?

It is important to resonate 100% with the belief bliss is attainable. In order to shift your subconscious belief system to complete alignment, conduct the following exercise:

  • Gain the attention of your subconscious by interfering with one of the automatic body functions it manages, your breath. Slow your breathing by taking 6 deep inhales and exhales.
  • Hold your hands in front of you, palms facing. Instruct your subconscious to collect and retain a surcharge of vital force between your palms.
  • Create vital force by taking 6 breaths, inhaling to the count of 10, holding for the count of 10, and breathing out to the count of 10. Feel the vital force build between your palms.
  • Instruct your subconscious to release the surcharge of vital force to your superconscious. Tell the superconscious to use the energy to complete the following request.
  • (SAY 10 TIMES WITH CONVICTION:) "I align 100% with the notion that bliss is attainable."
  • Accompany your request with a picture of how you would feel in a euphoric state. Create a mental image that depicts euphoria. Maybe you sit calmly at your desk while everyone in your office works frantically. Perhaps you look like a beatific angel. Or you might recreate a scene from your past when you felt euphoric, perhaps when you received an excellent report card or were about to go on vacation. The more the memory is charged with euphoria, the more vital force will be formed by the emotional charge. The subconscious communicates via feelings, and these pictures that evoke emotions assist the subconscious in communicating in the way it knows best.

    Your energy field now resonates with 100% conviction that you can lead a blissful life. Support your new vibration with an unfettered desire to experience it!

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